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Unwired Planet (UPIP): Patent Troll in Play

Our patent portfolio now extends to all layers of the telecom handset and infrastructure stack. The patents cover application stores, location-based services, mobile search and mobile advertising as well as network protocols, antennas and many more topics
Mike Mulica, CEO

Unwired Planet (Nasdaq: UPIP), patent troll, has been sued Google since September 2012, alleging that Google Maps, Adwords, Google Search and the Android operating system, among other technologies, infringed its patents.

At the same month, Unwired started a process against Apple, alleging infringement by the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple’s push notification service, iAds and location services used in the Safari Web browser and Apple Maps.

All of those lawsuits are in the preliminary proceedings phase.

Unwired Planet announced on Friday that it has entered into a patent purchase agreement with Ericsson (ERIC).

Ericsson has agreed to transfer 1,922 patents and 263 patent applications to Unwired Planet in return for a share in ongoing revenue from the patents.

The transfer includes 753 U.S. patents related to 2G, 3G and LTE technologies.

UPIP shares jumped 42% at the end of Friday’s trading session.

Keep a close look at UPIP stock that should have a Vringo (VRNG) run-up effect judging by its relatively small float and stable financial condition.
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